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Our services include:

Our service is the backbone of our business. Let's face it. There are a lot of computer dealers out there. Prices fluctuate and technology advances quicker than most people can keep up. The question is, can you rely on the person who sold you your computer as much as you rely on your computer itself?

At andreitechnologies inc., our service is handled with the same integrity as our products guarantee.


Needs analysis



Whether you've decided to take the plunge and buy your first computer, or it's upgrade time, the first thing you should do is figure out your needs.

There's a lot out there, after all. And unfortunately, there are just as many salespeople who's priority is to sell you something, anything!

Our goal here is to walk you through the steps of Computer Purchasing Research.

          1. Figuring out your needs
          2. Knowing what's out there
          3. Guarantee yourself some reliable technical support

Computer assembly

Computer assembly


Please see our Products page.



Computer maintenance

-Preventive maintenance program
-Physical cleaning of hardware
-Minimized downtime
-Security solutions
-Data Backup



- Setup small and large networks
- Setup VPN access (access to your system from remote sites thru a virtual private network)
- Troubleshoot network problems




Internet services

No two businesses are alike. For this reason our internet packages are specifically designed to meet your needs.

When we study your needs our objective is to cut costs so that you're not paying for services and products that you won't use while maximizing the efficiency of what you do need.

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Web site design

Web Design

Creativity has many considerations. As we work with you to create your web site, our goal is not only to develope a site which is pleasing to the eye. Other factors include:

  • Navigational ease
  • Customer interaction
  • Fulfilling web site objectives

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